Popcorn M&M’s Are on the Way!

Are you ready for some hot new M&Ms? A classic snack for filmgoers around the world, the candy/chocolate company is making a very bold move…mixing the M&Ms and popcorn. Yes, you heard correctly. Popcorn M&M’s will start to appear in stores and supermarkets all over the country in the coming weeks. It will feature the signature milk chocolate on the exterior with a crispy lining of the candy part that will taste like popcorn.

News about the new candy began surfacing earlier in the week via snack-tracking Instagram accounts. The treats will be available in three sizes — the mini, single-serving bag (1.35oz.), a regular shareable size (2.83oz.) and a massive “King size” bag (7.44 oz.)

So what do you think about this hot new M&Ms? Comment your thoughts below!

Source Credit: comicbook.com

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