Olympic Gymnast Mikayla Maroney’s Newest Provocative Instagram Post Goes Viral

McKayla Maroney rose to prominence as a part of Team USA’s “Fierce Five” gymnastics team in the early 2010s.

Maroney earned a gold medal in the team event and a silver medal in the vault in London, but her celebrity overshadowed her physical achievements. She quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

Maroney has amassed a sizable and profitable online following in the years thereafter. Although it is unknown if she is a full-time social media influencer at this moment, she clearly has the following to be one.

This week, Maroney shared a series of images on Instagram that quickly went viral:

Given that Maroney boasts more than 1.4 million followers just on Instagram, it’s easy to see why everything she publishes sets the internet ablaze. Be it her provocative Easter celebration, racy Valentine’s Day photo shoot or spicy video content – she never has trouble going viral.

And that’s to say nothing of just her general Instagram posts:

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