Fans Of The Umbrella Academy May Be Shocked By Bittersweet News

“The Umbrella Academy’s” Hargreeves siblings have surely had a difficult time, haven’t they?

The death of the rather harsh father known as Sir Reginald Hargreeves brings the family together from the very first episode of the famous series.

It is clear that the siblings have had quite diverse lifestyles that reflect their personalities. Some have achieved success, while others have struck rock bottom and appear to be stuck in a rut.

Of course, these components form the foundation of the human interactions, but the series’ primary pull is the near-constant fear of apocalypses.

With the completion of Season 3, “The Umbrella Academy” has virtually struck the reset button, both metaphorically and physically.

After spending most of the previous season in and around an interdimensional hotel, it is revealed that the hotel has access to a bizarre and alien machine that can reset all of existence, but at a cost.

Season 3 concludes with the Hargreeves Siblings in a new universe, free of the powers that have characterized so much of their lives. In other words, Season 3 finished on a cliffhanger, but it appears that fans of “The Umbrella Academy” have just gotten some sad news about the series’ future.

Posting from the official “The Umbrella Academy” Twitter account, it has been announced that not only is the series getting a Season 4, but it will be the last. That means that the show now has a clear finish line ahead of them, and considering the stakes at the end of Season 3, they will certainly have a lot to accomplish over Season 4. The Hargreeves siblings are the proverbial fish out of water in this new world, and it will be interesting to see how they react to not having the skills and abilities that have made them heroes. It will also be fascinating to see what new apocalypse is on the horizon.

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