John Seaman’s Daughter Was Hit By A Drunk Driver – Her Story and Its Shocking Outcome

The drunk driver who hit his daughter got 15 years, but her sentence was for life. John Seaman’s 20-year old daughter Kelly was hit by a drunk driver in May 2012, becoming yet another statistic brought to grief by a drunk’s negligence behind the wheel.

As reported by Little Things, almost every single day, about 30 people die from road accidents in the United States and the reason? Drunk driving.

This amounts to one death every 51 minutes.  But John wanted his daughter’s plight to matter, so he took an extra step outside his grief to communicate to the world.

Shortly after the accident, John posted a video where he introduced his daughter lying in a hospital bed, showing the results of her massive injuries.

Here’s the followup to Kellie Seaman’s sad story, as told by John:

“For those that haven’t heard, Kellie passed away last year from her injuries. She stayed alive for 391 days and I stayed by her side. The man responsible has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Our medical bills are almost done being handled, thank all of you who stood with us and continue the fight against drunk driving.”


But the story didn’t end there. A little over a year later, he posted another message. Go to the next page to see the final chapter to this story.

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