Gina Carano Responds To Grace Randolph’s “Malicious Lies” Online

The great youtube channel and website Geeks + Gamers reported this breaking news.

Grace Randolph, a YouTube film reviewer, made a bogus accusation about Gina Carano while supporting Star Wars actress Moses Ingram on Twitter. The Daily Wire actress has finally responded to this.

In her original tweet, Grace Randolph stated, “under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you harass ANY talent in front of or behind the camera.”

Grace then reacted on Twitter to MrMan, who said the following about Gina Carano and the numerous hateful tweets she has received.

Froom geeksandgamers.com:

Randolph then emphasizes the “malicious” lie, stating Carano “made antisemitic and anti-trans statements – REPEATEDLY.”

Gina Carano has been misrepresented online for almost two years now. Her firing from Star Wars came about when Disney found a way to get rid of her.

Gina’s response to Randolph’s fictitious claim was perfect.

Read the entire article here: www.geeksandgamers.com

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