Harley Quinn Introduces Trans and Non-Binary Characters, Causing an Uproar from Fans

Harley Quinn has always been open to gay themes, with several LGBTQ+ characters including a prominent relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The program is now incorporating trans characters from comic books.

“Getting Ice ****, Don’t Wait Up,” the fifth episode of Harley Quinn’s new season, was a huge one since it introduced an intriguing cast of new characters while also seemingly murdering off one of its primary characters. Alysia, Batgirl’s roommate, is a newbie who is portrayed by trans actor Rain Valdez.

Alysia Yeoh first appeared in the comics in Batgirl Vol 4 #1 in 2011. Alysia is also trans on the website and married to political figure Jo Muoz. Alysia meets Harley Quinn in the latest episode and tells her that she was an inspiration to her while transitioning.

But Alysia isn’t the only comic book heroine making her Harley Quinn premiere this week…

Vico Ortiz plays Tefe Holland. Ortiz is most known for playing Jim, the fan-favorite non-binary pirate in Our Flag Means Death, thus it comes as no surprise that Tefe is non-binary in Harley Quinn. Tefe is proven to be bisexual, despite using she/her pronouns throughout the comics.

In Harley Quinn, Jim Gordon remarks on Ivy’s mentees being women, to which Tefe responds, “We’re not all women, dude.”

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