Here’s why you can never find decent bargains in Goodwill stores anymore

As thrifting becomes more popular, you might think that the lack of nice finds at your local Goodwill comes down to how early you go or even the day of the week.

But according to a purported ex-employee of the store, there’s another reason you might not come across a reasonably priced Gucci bag or two on your shopping trip.

He stated it was tied to a mechanism in place that identifies expensive objects.

In a video, the previous employee described a mechanism that Goodwill claims is in place for more valued gifts.

He recalled: “Five or six years ago, I used to work for Goodwill and I was one of their Drive Thru Ambassadors.

“A Drive-Thru Ambassador is in charge of taking in donations that get donated from the cars and pricing them so they could be put out on the floor.

“So you gotta know what things are worth. We were told that if we ever came across anything that we thought was valuable, to take it straight to the manager so it could be sold to our e-commerce store.

Check out his interview below where he explains everything!

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