‘Hollywood’s Bald Blonde’ Jannica Olin on Alopecia, Chris Rock’s Joke

As we debate how inappropriate Chris Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith was, one lady who has long advocated for alopecia thinks… it’s more complimentary than anything.

Jannica Olin, a Swedish-born actress who began losing her hair due to alopecia in 2013, shared her opinion on the embarrassing Oscars moment with THR… and she makes it obvious that the ‘G.I. Jane’ insult wasn’t nearly as big a concern in her eyes as it apparently was for Jada.

JO claims that as she viewed back recordings of the interaction after the event, she was waiting for the cruel part to happen, but it never occurred.

Jannica continues, “I couldn’t figure out what was objectionable about it… And I’m well aware that we all have different experiences and are at various points in our lives. Personally, I didn’t find that… joke to be disrespectful. That’s OK with me.”

She goes on to explain that the ‘G.I. Jane’ character — Jordan O’Neill, played by Demi Moore in the ’90s — is portrayed as a tough-as-nails badass, and a symbol of female empowerment … and that to her, she would’ve taken Rock’s joke as praise rather than a mean-spirited barb.

Jannica says, “I would have loved to have that said to me. But that’s me, right? I can’t speak for anyone else.”

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