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After Johnny Depp’s team completed there closing arguments, it looks like they started celebrating.

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Amber Heard Could Now Face Jail Time After She Was Caught Allegedly Lying Under Oath

As the trial of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard continues, Amber Heard, 35, took the stand. During her statement, Johnny Depp’s lawyers began cross-examining her, and Ms. Heard was allegedly caught lying under oath.

Following her divorce from Johnny Depp, Ms. Heard appeared on the Dutch talk show RTL Late Night in 2018. Ms. Heard highlighted her divorce settlement on the show, saying, “$7 million in total was donated I split it between the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. I wanted nothing.”

Ms. Heard testified under oath in Depp’s 2020 libel case in the United Kingdom, claiming many times that she had donated the whole divorce settlement to charity.

However, on Monday, May 16, when Ms. Heard took the stand in Fairfax, Virginia, she finally acknowledged she only pledged $3.5 million gift to the ACLU, after earlier claiming to have “donated” the funds. Ms. Heard then went on to blame Mr. Depp for her inability to contribute the money since he had sued her.

From insidethemagic.net:

According to DailyMail, legal experts have said Amber Heard could face a police probe, which carries a prison sentence of up to 7 years, amid claims of perjury after the Aquaman star admitted not donating $3.5 million from her divorce settlement with Johnny Depp to charity.

Sean Caulfield, partner at law firm Hodge, Jones and Allen, told DailyMail that Heard could face a perjury probe in the United Kingdom as misleading a court “cuts to the core of our justice system”.

Caulfield was asked if he thinks police may investigate the claims, to which he added:

“Yes, I think so. While it may not be a central issue to the case [the donations], perjury is the single biggest threat and cuts to the core of our justice system, so the police may be invited to investigate to show that any member of the public who lies to the court can be prosecuted for perjury.”

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