Kevin Feige Teases Venom In The MCU

To be honest, if you’re searching for a straight solution to this question, you won’t find one. Based on the Venom 2 teaser we got a while back and the latest Marvel Phase 4 announcement, we have some ideas.

After seeing the Venom 2 teaser, it’s difficult to claim that the character is in the MCU. Furthermore, Venom 2 was not included in the latest Marvel Phase 4 announcement, creating numerous concerns regarding Venom’s presence in that world.

However, things aren’t that easy, as shown by the Morbius trailer. Morbius, for those who don’t know, is another Marvel character that has fallen victim to Sony’s shady practices.

Morbius’ trailer debuted in 2020, featuring Jared Leto as Michael Morbius. And, given that Sony presently owns the rights to both Venom and Morbius, it’s fair to assume that the two film worlds will be linked.

Furthermore, this week Feige sits down with Rotten Tomatoes as Marvel prepares to release its first film in more than two years – the last being the Phase Three-movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.

But during that interview, the subject of Venom comes up. Watch the entire interview below to see What Fiege had to say about it!

You can watch the Venom 2 teaser below to refresh you memory on what they reveal. See below!

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