Man Sang On Train For 37 Years, Blows Everyone Away With Rendition Of “Unchained Melody”

A guitarist entered the stage to accompany Mike and his vocal performance. They were going to perform a popular song from 1955 called “Unchained Melody” made popular by the Righteous Brothers.

The performance begins and the audience is enthralled. Them, including the judges, were captivated by his gorgeous voice. When he hits a high note in the middle of the song, that’s when everyone loses it.

Wrapping up the incredible act, the audience erupts with applause. All of the judges couldn’t help but be impressed by the talented man; believe it or not, Simon Cowell even gave a standing ovation. It just blows everyone away.

At no one’s surprise — all of the judges put him through to the next round.

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Mike teaches everyone a valuable lesson in never giving up on your dreams, no matter how hard it may be.
Source: YouTube


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