Margot Robbie Teases Pirates of the Caribbean Movie

Margot Robbie has just teased details about her latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie she’s staring, and she is implying it will have “girl power”.

Margot’s Pirates of the Caribbean series was revealed in June this year and would be independent from the core films produced so far, concentrating on new roles and storylines.

The as-yet-untitled film will be produced by Christina Hodson, who also penned Robbie’s solo Harley Quinn film, Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), contributing to expectations that the latest film will be able to capture the feel of the DC film.

Speaking to Collider, Robbie was tight-lipped about plot details, but did give us plenty to start speculating about. When asked what new things the film would bring to the franchise, Robbie answered: “Lot of girl power. No, it’s too early to talk about it… I love Christina, obviously. I’m not a producer on Pirates, so I’ll sit back and kind of wait for the process… No we’re really, really excited at the prospect of adding obviously a very key female element to that world.”

With all the drama going on with Johnny Depp, it’s safe to say that the Pirates franchise was going to be different either way…

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is currently going through a transitional phase, with star Johnny Depp reportedly out of any future entries and fan desire for a new sequel at an all-time low thanks to the drop in quality in the most recent films.

However, Disney is intent on squeezing as much profit as they can out of the landmark franchise while they still can, hence the dual films in development, including Robbie’s as well as a reboot written by Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott, co-writer on the first four Pirates movies.

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