WATCH: Marvel Will Reportedly Confirm Loki Is Bisexual In The MCU

In news that shouldn’t come as a surprise, Marvel Studios is reportedly preparing to announce that Loki is bisexual in the MCU and is likely to do so in his forthcoming Disney+ solo series.

The series was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now seems to be back in development and planning early release in 2021. Despite the absence of any videos or publicity content, sources clearly indicate that it would take place in a series of time periods and star a range of different actors such as Loki, and according to insider Daniel Richtman, we will see the God of Mischief with two love interests: one man and one woman.

Right now, it sounds like Richard E. Grant will be playing an older version of the character, with Sophia Di Martino spotted on set as Lady Loki. If the antihero really is freely switching genders, then it makes sense for him/her to be bisexual, though we don’t have any indication on who his/her partners might be.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Oh no, Disney is making yet another character LGBTQ. Aren’t they just pandering in the hopes of scoring some woke points? Well, that may be a fair criticism in certain instances (cough The Rise of Skywalker), but it doesn’t apply to Loki, as his bisexuality is canon to Norse mythology and to Marvel Comics.

Check out the video on Loki’s sexuality and gender below where Marlene Does Youtube channel does an excellent job in covering this hot topic.


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