Paralyzed Puppy That No One Wanted Transformed Because of His New Family

Pit Bull puppies might be the cutest things ever. They have these sweet big heads and little triangle ears that seem to work like homing devices, always pointed in a different direction.

So what might even be cuter than a pit puppy? How about one in a hind-end wheelchair?? How sweet is this face?? Cute yes but no way for a spry puppy to live!


This little guy is named Lieutenant Dan. He is a rescue pup who has the unfortunate condition of Hindlimb Paresis. This makes it so he has very limited use of his back legs, also making life very difficult for this little guy.

Untitled image (6)

But it wasn’t the end for him! After being rescued he now lives with a foster family and goes for physical therapy and exercises at the Integrative Pet Care facility in Chicago. He does things like balance activities to help build his muscles and have him walk on an underwater treadmill to increase flexibility and mobility.

He has come such a long way and worked so hard to have a more normal puppy life. Doesn’t your heart just melt looking at him triumph??

Below is a video of the amazing and adorable Lieutenant Dan today. WATCH how far he’s come and what keeping your spirits up can do. Just goes to show if you give it your all anything is possible!!

Way to go Lieutenant Dan!!!

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