WATCH: Can a STAR WARS Lightsabre Cut Through CAPTAIN AMERICA’s Shield?

Captain America’s shield, whether in the movies or in the comics, is practically indestructible. But could a Star Wars lightsaber cut through it? While I’m quite familiar with the components of Captain America’s shield, I’m not too sure exactly what the lightsaber is composed of.

Thanks to Kyle of Nerdist’s Because Science, we actually have a real world equivalent of what that could be and why it could be a formidable weapon to use against a battle with Captain America. As long as he’s holding up his shield, of course. Otherwise, this would be a pretty quick fight.


Image courtesy of Marvel Entertanment

Here’s what we know about Cap’s shield. Based on the comics, it is made out of an alloy of steel, vibranium, and an unknown third ingredient to create proto-adamantium. Its components have never been replicated so it’s hard to figure out exactly how unbreakable it truly is.


Image courtesy of Church Mag

As for the lightsaber, Kyle explains that it is made up of “a coiled ring of plasma surrounded by a helical magnetic field.” Hypothetically, if the plasma is anywhere around 150,000,000 degrees Celsius which is ten times hotter than the sun’s core.

With this, could a lightsaber, wielded by either a Jedi or a Sith, be able to melt Caps seemingly indestructible shield?

Let’s find out on whether a lightsaber can cut through Captain America’s shield on the Next Page!

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