The Eternals: One Million Moms Boycotting Movie Over Same-Sex Kiss

Photo: Marvel

Well, once it became public knowledge that the upcoming Marvel movie The Eternals would feature a same-sex kiss…we knew it would be just a matter of time before the ultra-conservative group One Million Moms would take some kind of action against it.

And sure enough..they have…

It was recently confirmed that we will see Marvel’s first gay kiss in Eternals – and with that news has come a boycott. The group known as One Million Moms has taken to their website to post a warning about the upcoming film:

WARNING! An upcoming Marvel Studios movie will include a homosexual superhero and a same-sex kiss in the film The Eternals, set to hit theaters on November 6.

One Million Moms needs your help to make sure as many people as possible are aware of Marvel pushing the LGBTQ agenda on families in the upcoming superhero movie The Eternals, which will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios.

They seem to be serious about not backing down on this.

From comicbook.com:

“Marvel has decided to be politically correct instead of providing family-friendly programming,” the group says in a release. In the same statement, the group launched a petition people could sign to partake in the boycott, although the group forgot to link the “Take Action” text to any petition web page. According to Sleiman, the movement was so moved everyone to tears on the set of the upcoming Marvel blockbuster.

There are definitely people speaking out against against this from the other side as well:

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Source Credit: ScreenGeek.com

Source Credit: Comicbook.com

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