‘THE FLASH’ movie debuts with a very low score on Rotten Tomatoes

That was fast…no pun intended. The Flash doesn’t officially come out until next week for most people, but it has already been seen by reviewers in a slightly incomplete state.

At CinemaCon, members of the press were treated to an early screening of a nearly-complete edit of the DC film, and the initial reviews were overwhelmingly favorable.

The Flash has been dubbed one of the finest superhero movies ever filmed, thanks to its ambitious scale, performances, and story’s heart and comedy.

Even celebrities like Tom Cruise and James Gunn have been saying that this Flash film is the “greatest of all-time”. So expectations are super high.

However the movie just officially debuted on Rotten Tomatoes and unfortunately, the score is not what you may have expected.

Here’s the current score on Rotten tomatoes

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