12-Year-Old Busker Sings Ed Sheeran Better Than Ed Sheeran, Gains Critical Acclaim For Video


A 12-year-old girl named Allie Sherlock is a phenomenal guitarist and thanks to one video — she’s gaining worldwide attention. Her street performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” will knock you off your feet.

Back in June, Allie uploaded the video of her performing the pop artist’s song and it immediately went viral. The internet completely fell in love with the 12-year-old Irish girl. Her talent was incredible.

As she starts singing the beautiful lyrics, “I took the supermarket flowers from the windowsill; I threw the day-old tea from the cup. Packed up the photo album Matthew had made, memories of a life that’s been loved,” her voice is mature beyond her years.

Not only is her voice absolutely magical, she’s playing the acoustic guitar flawlessly. It’s hard to believe that she is only 12-years-old. There’s no doubt that this pre-teen is an old soul.

Allie often performs on Grafton Street in Ireland but this particular video was going to change her life. It even caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres!

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62 Responses to “12-Year-Old Busker Sings Ed Sheeran Better Than Ed Sheeran, Gains Critical Acclaim For Video”

  1. Little wonder she has attracted such a crowd. Brilliant at such a young age!

  2. The irish just have that natural talent for singing brilliant x

  3. Orr that was beautiful px x

  4. what an amazing voice for such and young girl x

  5. Sensible, amazing parents too

  6. Nicole Hollick Emily Hollick

  7. Brilliant and what a beautiful voice x

  8. Pamela Brown Danielle Burke

  9. Omgoodness I saw her this week whilst in Ireland. She was fabulous. Xx

  10. Shannon, Bethany, Georgina. How good is she, she’s only 12 x

  11. She as a amazing voice and she is only 12 x

  12. What a voice…❤ xx defo a star xx

  13. Wow this girl can sing sign ur self up to one of the singing shows on tv girl u can sing beautiful xx

  14. Sorry. Not for me. Prefer Ed.

  15. Beautiful in every way. Go far ♡

  16. Brilliant you’ll go far x

  17. Bullied at school and is home schooled ….what a brave talented wee girl

  18. Wow gave me goosebumps Georgia Roberts Olivia Lewis Taya Williams

  19. Stacey C Carter check her out!

  20. Wow amazing
    Then you get the one post that’s says I prefer ed the concept here is to focus on an amazing new talent I bet Ed is very pleased that someone so young loves his music

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