Two Kids Step Onstage, Win Hearts Of Millions With ‘Footloose’ Dance

two kids

We love showing off our favorite performances from “America’s Got Talent” — people are constantly surprising us with the level of skill that they possess. And these two kids you’re about to see? They’re some of the best.

The two kids we’re talking about are named Artyon and Paige — they are both dancers. When they took the stage at America’s Got Talent, they announced to the judges that they would be performing a routine to the popular song ‘Footloose.’

The performance starts and Paige begins dancing on the judges’ table while Artyon is sliding on the floor with backup dancers in tow. He hops up without effort, and the performance gets better from there.

Artyon even jumps up and lands in the splits, something no one expected from the 10-year-old boy. As they continue to dance together, it’s obvious that these two kids have chemistry. They are performing flawlessly.

Then comes the well-known part of the song where he shouts “got to cut loose!” they are performing their routine flawlessly. Even Simon is starting nod and bounce his head with a smile while watching these two.

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101 Responses to “Two Kids Step Onstage, Win Hearts Of Millions With ‘Footloose’ Dance”

  1. This is awesome ❤️❤️don’t now how there gonna chose 1

  2. They were so cute and yes, they can sure dance❤️

  3. My mom loved that song for footloose dance

  4. Wow awesome, adorable and talented

  5. They were great.they shouldn’t of got eliminated.

  6. What a Happy Little Girl ~ makes me smile

  7. Move over Derek H. Dancing with stars u have competition

  8. They we awesome even though they were eliminated


  10. Ramona Ramona Oliver Gregory

  11. I feel really bad for the little girl that didn’t win and I was so happy when Simon when over to talked and hugs her. I don’t know how they can just pick one. I loved them!

    • Darlene you are so right…it’s my opinion too
      Simon is such a great guy isn’t he?
      Angelica Hale looked kinda lost!


    • In life there are winners and losers, yes, I’ve seen many cases where I wished they had all won, but how would that be a competition? Parents that protect their kids from disappointment are only delaying the inevitable at which time the impact might be beyond that which they are prepared. Doing that would be similar to the fool thing the schools are now doing, pushing the unprepared ahead. No one fails until they get into the real world, then it’s too late. It’s truly unfair to the children. Hope that answers your question as to “How can they just pick one?” They pick the best, it might not be your choice, it might not be mine either, they got the job. The kids were amazing!

    • I agree with you whole heartedly Eric A. Jollymore.

    • A mi no me abren estos vidéos, no se como hacer….

  12. Nt fair dey r gr8 dey should b called bk

  13. They are both winners, as we know only one can win but they are winners they will have a great future ahead

  14. Love watching them dance their expression on their faces says it all xx

  15. I wish I had at least half the energy the little girl has.

  16. They were so cute l did like them so very much so adorable

  17. Increíbles, que maravillosa interpretación

  18. The kids have GREAT TALENT there danse is so MARVELOUS. They must continue a BIG DOOR will open for them.BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO.

  19. Anja Swanepoel, Candy Falck Swanepoel

  20. Increiblemente extraordinario los niños me encanto

  21. They were just fantastic loved it

  22. Incredible performance. Both are very very good. I don’t understand why they were eliminated .

  23. Increíble. ..maravillosos los dos.

  24. they were not all that good. that why they lost

  25. Fantastic. What happened they should not have been eliminated

  26. Beautiful job, should of not got eliminated

  27. These two are super great!!!

  28. Too much face-thingy/expression, it kept me from looking at the dancing. I had to play it again so I could only watch the dancing. Good job.

  29. A must watch! Turn up the volumn!!!!!


  31. nouvelle génération bravo

  32. Amazing She has it made beautiful

  33. two monkeys trained by adults, duplicating them to make the harlequins for their excited trainers of the show-business

  34. Wow these 2 are amazing, but the girl needs to close her mouth.

  35. très très bon félicitation

  36. Mira a Canela Cecilia Oliver jajaj

  37. Espectacular bellísimo lo mejor futuros bailarines

  38. I agree with another comment that little girls facial expressions were terrible kinda ruined performance

  39. They are adorable and very amazing also they boths very cute on their dance we enjoy very much and love ❤️ to see them dancing it are beautiful performances

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