80-Year-Old Pianist Approaches Street Piano, Performs Magical Piece That’s Quickly Going Viral

An 80-year-old woman named Natalie Trayling from Australia is about to completely blow you away by a musical performance. You’ll have no doubt as to why her son calls her the “best ‘unknown’ composer in the world today.”

Natalie has been playing piano around the city of Melbourne for years. She’d find pianos to play anyway she possibly could; hotels, street pianos, stores, or when she was on good times — she’d have her own.

The elderly woman has been through a lot in her 80 years; she lost both of her daughters, has been homeless off and on, and has suffered from medical problems as well. One thing she always had was music.

“Music is everything,” she said in an ABC News special. “I do feel part of it. The whole world is music.”

You can hear the sadness in her music but it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s definitely not something that you want to miss. It’s haunting, it’s chilling, and it’s incredible.

One performance was put up on her son’s YouTube channel and it’s received over 6 million views. You’re going to be moved to tears when you read more below!

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