Picture of Bill Gates daughter and her boyfriend is going viral

Bill Gates’ youngest daughter has become the latest victim of racist online trolls after posting a selfie with her reported black boyfriend.

Phoebe Gates, 19, posted a cheerful Instagram snapshot of a young black man kissing her cheek as they sat side by side.

The Stanford University student and the unidentified male quickly became the subject of internet jokes about the intimate moment, their interracial relationship, and her father’s money.

It’s unclear whether the couple is dating, but it didn’t stop trolls from leaving comments.

A few individuals on Twitter called it a victory for the black community.

A lady wrote, “I’m so thrilled by Bill Gates’ daughter’s new guy.” “According to the black community, he secured the bag.”

“Bill Gates’ daughter has a black boyfriend.” “I hope they marry,” another individual commented. “We’ll get our money back one way or another.”

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