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Oh, yes. The school talent show. It was a moment when everyone at school could show off their talents and skills to all of their peers. If done right, a performance could leave the kids at school talking for weeks. Like these kids did.

Four Texas 5th-graders absolutely nailed their school’s talent show act. It was absolutely hilarious too. Their side-splitting skit performed at New Braunfels Christian Academy has attracted quite a bit of attention.

The audience in the room and the audience viewing through their screens were in for a real treat while witnessing these boys. It’s so funny, in fact, that it has been viewed over 7.5 million times. It’s that good!

These goofball boys have the entire room in stitches from the beginning of their performance all the way to the end. As soon as the black curtains pull back, they are greeted by the four boys “dressed up” in onesies and pacifiers in their mouths.

This is when they start breaking out in Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” before busting out The Village People’s “YMCA,” and you can tell that they put a lot of time and practice into this hysterical routine.

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The moment that Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’ was released, it had people all over the world singing, dancing, and clapping along. The positive, uplifting tone of the song just makes you want to move your feet.

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you know what happiness is to you. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”

Those are the positive lyrics of the popular song; a kid watching a Kentucky High School basketball tournament couldn’t help but bust out a move when the song started playing over the speakers.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember the name Peyton “Peanut” Henderson because he’s a person that all of us should try to emulate daily. He dances with reckless abandoned. Peanut could care less who is watching him shake that booty to the hit song.

At first, people weren’t noticing him get down to the Pharrell song; but soon? His dancing is taken to the next level. Continue to the next page to watch his awesome dance moves!

When Justin Timberlake released his song ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling,’ it was an instant hit. It soared to the top of the summer music charts. Just like many of his songs, it’s catchy, it’s happy, and you can’t help but dance to it!

A man named Josh Rinder filmed a video with his 6-year-old daughter Audrey — it’s the cutest thing to have ever been filmed. Okay, well it’s high up on the list anyway! This video was so good that Justin Timberlake himself felt like he had to share it.

The adorable dad and daughter duo choreographed a routine to the popular song and decided to film it. Not only did they film it, but they edited it into an entire music video. It’s beyond adorable.

“This is the cutest **** thing EVER,” Justin Timberlake tweeted with a link to the video. And if this talented pop and movie star thinks it’s worthy of watching, it probably is! He knows talent when he sees it.

Another amazing this about this precious performance? They even color-coordinated their outfits to match. Oh, they’re both in pink, by the way.

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Kechi Okwuechi has lived an extremely difficult life. At just 16-years-old, she was the survivor of a plane crash in Nigeria that killed 107 people onboard. The moment she auditioned for America’s Got Talent, it was clear that she had worked hard to get there.

Kechi will never forget that moment in her life. “I remember just saying I don’t know, but I think we should pray or something, I don’t know. We actually never got a chance. That’s the last memory I have before I blacked out.”

It’s an absolute miracle that Kechi survived the tragedy; her road to recovery was going to be one of the hardest things she has ever done. The young woman would undergo over 100 painful surgeries, some of which were reconstructive,

It was during her time in the hospital when music ended up helping her heal. “Lying in the hospital bed unable to move, music was my escape. It did so much for me,” Kechi recalls.

Four years after the terrifying crash, Kechi ended up attending the University of St. Thomas; she even graduated with honors. Kechi was asked to give the commencement speech at her graduation; she dedicated the speech to 60 of her classmates that perished in that 2005 plane crash.

Her life was a difficult one, but that never stopped her from pursuing all of her goals —  including singing. Continue to the next page to watch the performance that completely wowed the judges.

Whether its plagiarism or lip syncing, singers and other artists are accused being fakes or phonies quite often. Just ask Aida Nikolaychuk, a 29-year-old cashier auditioning for Ukraine’s X-Factor.

When Aida first appeared on stage, she is perfectly poised and looks like she’s been waiting for this moment for a lifetime. Aida tells the judges that she will be performing a song called ‘Lullaby’ by a popular Russian singer named Polina Gagarina.

Not moments after she had begun to sing, the judges, Ihor Kondratiuk and Sergey Vasilyevich Parkhomenko (a.k.a. Seryoga), began whispering. It doesn’t seem like Aida is noticing what they are saying so she continues to perform.

Seryoga: “Are you kidding me? Is this some joke?”
Ihor: “Is this a recording?”

Seryoga: “Yes, I think it’s a recording.”
Ihor: “Is this live? Is she lip syncing?”

This is the moment that the judges stopped the music; they couldn’t believe that she’d actually try and pull off a stunt like that on television. They asked her to sing a cappella and you’re going to want to see their faces — continue to the next page.

Tom Petty’s tragic death has left the entire world mourning — his music left a mark on millions of people’s hearts over the decades. Even though he passed away on October 2, 2017 — his music will live on forever.

Tom Petty wasn’t just an incredible musician, he was also an amazing songwriter. He wrote and recorded the popular song ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ with Stevie Nicks. It went on to be one of her most popular songs.

Stevie Nicks and the 66-year-old legendary musician were actually longtime friends. In the video you’re about to see — they perform together for the very last time.

In July of 2017, Tom Petty was performing in London’s world-famous Hyde Park — he had a big surprise in store for the crowd. When the show was coming to an end, Petty announced that he had a special guest that was going to join him on stage. It was Stevie Nicks.

Their performance is incredible and you can definitely tell that they had a musical chemistry. Tom Petty will be forever missed but we’re so grateful that we have videos like this to last for eternity.

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Thank goodness for shows like America’s Got Talent and The X Factor. These types of shows have allowed so many people to showcase their talent to the world. The best part? All walks of life can audition.

On a recent episode of The X Factor UK, a 22-year-old woman from the Philippines. Her name is Alisah Bonaobra; she and her family have lived their lives as street vendors. They’ve lived a very humble life.

“I am only here because of my mother’s friend, she contributed enough money for a plane ticket,” she explains to the judges. It was such a blessing for her to even have the opportunity to share her talent with them that day.

Alisah was so excited to be on the show that brought her whole family! Well — digitally anyway! Her entire family joined her from monitors that were nearby. When Simon asked her why she was there, her response was amazing:

“I believe my talent is world-class and I’m here to represent all the Filipino communities here in the UK.”

Continue to the next page to watch her performance and see if you agree with her statement! We sure do! When you watch her perform this Beyonce hit, we think you’ll be right along with us.

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The CoverGirl brand has been around for decades. Year after year they select beautiful models and actresses to be the face of their successful makeup company. For many years, it’s been young women that represent them. However, they are definitely diversifying.

Last year, CoverGirl had their first CoverBoy. Then? Their first CoverGirl wearing a hijab. And most recently, the makeup company hired Maye Musk. She’s a 69-year-old stunning model who couldn’t be more ecstatic to take on the role.

Aging has been good for me,” Musk told the New York Times. “You develop confidence, you’re able to handle the knocks a little easier. I model for my age. I’m not trying to hide it and say I’m 50. I’m so proud that I’m going be 70.”

Musk’s grace, beauty, and poise are something to be admired. It’s no wonder that the famous brand wanted her to represent them. She’s everything that encompasses and envelopes confidence.

When you see her pictures, you’ll quickly understand why she has been so successful as a model despite her age. Musk is the epitome of elegance.

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If you have a skill, you should probably use it. Better yet — flaunt it. With so many talent shows out there nowadays, the internet is filled with amazing performance after amazing performance. Like this one you’re about to see — a daughter sings a tribute to her mom, and it’s glorious.

Laura Kamhuber decided to audition for The Voice Kids Germany, but it wasn’t just a last minute decision. Apparently, Laura has been singing for as long as her parents can remember.

Laura’s parents say that she was always meant to sing — she always has a song in her heart. When she was just 3-years-old she was performing in retirement homes for senior citizens. She loved spreading joy to others. Ever since then, she knew she loved being on stage and performing for people.

She has spent hours practicing and honing in on her skills. Laura has made it a life goal to become successful in the music industry. Of course, auditioning for The Voice Kids Germany was the perfect platform for her.

Laura’s mom has always encouraged her daughter to follow her dreams of becoming a successful singer. That’s what makes the performance you’re about to see so special. It’s a dedication to her supportive mother.

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For some reason, it’s always been stereotyped that women are more like cats and men are more like dogs. We don’t know why but cats are viewed as more feminine than dogs. Whatever the case may be, comedian Jodi Miller says it’s the other way around.

Jodi Miller auditioned for the ninth season of America’s Got Talent and during her bit, she argued that women were the ones that were more like dogs and men were more like cats. The judges were left scratching their heads.

“It’s a huge misconception that guys are like dogs and women are like cats,” she tells the AGT judges. “We have it backwards.”

Then, she started with her reasoning for it – this is when she had the judges absolutely in tears from laughing so hard. Miller nailed it because all of the reasons she gave them were so spot on and hilarious.

She starts by saying that, like cats, men only really care about their own needs and, like dogs, women are always there for unconditional love. So far, pretty accurate, right? She doesn’t stop there and it just gets funnier!

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