From Janitor To World Series Champ, Astros Catcher Has Most Inspirational Story In Baseball

Though Gattis didn’t accept the athletic scholarships, he did attend Seminole Junior College in Oklahoma. While attending he played baseball there for a short time, until 2005 when he decided he wanted nothing to do with the game. His father recalls a tortured Gattis, saying “he looked me in the eye and said, ‘I don’t want to talk baseball anymore, I’m done.'”

You don’t expect words like that to come from a key player in a World Series-winning game! After traveling the country, working small jobs on the side to get by, Gattis decided to give it one more shot. Perhaps he is the best example of how playing true to your talents will realize your dreams, even when you think you’ll fail.

You won’t want to miss the details of how this catcher became the most inspirational player in the game! Check out the video below to see his amazing play that helped take the World Series for the win!

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source: InspireMore

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