Man Moves Christina With Audition Song, Shocks The Crowd When She Gets Up To Sing It With Him

There’s a saying that when you fall down, you should get back up, and try again. It’s a great motto for life — to never give up and to persevere. That’s exactly what Joe Mae did when he auditioned for The Voice.

Maye had auditioned once before and didn’t make it through — but this wasn’t going to stop him from hanging on to his dream. Maye ended up returning once again to audition for the four judges.

In hopes of winning the judges over, Maye decided to sing “I Put A Spell On You.” Little did he know, that was one of Christina Aguilera’s favorite songs. As Maye started singing, it wasn’t long before he piqued everyone’s interest.

It wasn’t long before his performance was enough to make Christina want to press her buzzer and turn around. She was eager to be his voice coach. But, of course, she wasn’t going to nab him that easily.

Soon after Christina turned her chair, Blake Shelton decided to do the same. Now, the singer was going to have a choice between judges. Christina would now have to really compete to try and woo Maye over to her team. 

Maye was ecstatic to wrap up his audition with two judges to choose from. It was a dream come true to sing again on this stage, and hopefully many more times to come. It was finally all happening for him. Aguilera informed Maye that it was her favorite song and would love to sing it with him someday.

And before you know it, that statement was taken as a challenge…

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