This Old Man Looks Outside The Window To See If They're Coming, Then…

If you really have the patience, a heart and a box of tissues, you’ll see why this is heart-breaking. 

When you were tiny, you loved having people over, your parents did whatever they could not to shut you out on family occasions. You were there in their photographs…and so when holidays came, families gathered…there was laughter, joy and happiness. First you celebrate at home and then you visit your family and friends. It’s this time of the year that old people love to see their younger generations, so what do they do? They put everything ready, favorite chocolates, toys, dress, food and then patiently wait for their loved ones to arrive.

Now you might think that you know where I’m going with this conversation, the kids and their families are going to show up at their grandparent’s place, right? Nope. They never come.

Here’s a video from Wickie Anderson on behalf of The Silver Line Charity Advert that you should watch today. Then when you’re finished, call your elders…

Article Source: Upworthy

Photo Credit: Upworthy

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