Trump’s Team Mocked After ‘Lying About Size of Million MAGA March’

The White House appears to have again been trapped in a lie when it comes to overstating crowd size, after Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Saturday that “More than one million” marchers had gone down to Washington for the “Million MAGA March” in favor of President Donald Trump — an assertion that many in social media found out appeared to be vastly overstated on the grounds of real photographs of the gathering.

Photos and video appeared to show a crowd of much smaller than one million gathered in Washington for the pro-Trump event, which was organized in response to the president’s repeated false claims of rampant voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump himself made an appearance, albeit in a motorcade, waving to the crowd as he went on his way to his private golf club.

The New York Times noted that as Trump passed by, he was greeted by “hundreds” of supporters.

Among the crowd of supporters were members of the Proud Boys, a violent, far-right group that supports Trump.

A lot of people on Twitter could not help but find out that what is going to be the last big Washington pro-Trump rally during his presidency seemed to be overstated in the same manner as the very first one.

About four years ago, Sean Spicer, Trump ‘s initial press secretary, mistakenly reported that the attendance for Trump’s inauguration was the largest ever, although it ultimately was just a small turnout in the end.


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