Watch Dog Escape Baggage Handlers and Runs Wild On Airport Tarmac

The daring breakout took place earlier this month at the Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport in Guadalajara, which is located in Mexico. In the video that was shared by ViralHog throughout its various social media channels, you can see the baggage handlers searching for the little dog who broke free from its kennel as it was being transported.

The dog seems to think that everything is a game, but the personnel at the airport do not appear to be amused as they had to chase the dog down and attempt to bring him under control. It is not known how the dog got away; it is possible that he broke out of his cage as it was being prepared for a flight, but it is also possible that he was a stray dog that wandered into the airport.

According to TMZ, the employees who handle baggage were ultimately successful in capturing the dog without inflicting any harm on it. There was not a single complaint of any form of holdup that could be attributed to the incident.

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