Lady Gaga Steps Out As Harley Quinn in Full Costume & Makeup in ‘Joker 2’ Set Photos

Lady Gaga is getting ready for her close-up in the DC Universe. She was on set for the upcoming ‘Joker 2’ film this weekend, and she’s looking rather “clownish” as Mr. J’s right-hand lady.

The singer and a slew of extras were there Saturday morning in New York City, where director Todd Phillips and his team were filming a scene for the upcoming sequel to 2019’s ‘Joker.’ As you may have heard, Gaga agreed to play Harley Quinn, and now she’s here.

Lada Gaga was seen in full costume and makeup as the Clown Prince of Gotham’s renowned love interest, and in these images she’s seen heading down some courtroom stairs during what seems to be a large (fake) protest with “Gotham City” officers all over.

Gaga’s Harley appears to be similar to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in that she is realistic and not cartoonish, unlike earlier renderings of the characters in DC flicks.

Check out all the hot photos below!

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