Girl Rushed Out Of McDonald’s Bathroom Crying, Then Her Mom Noticed A Strange Spot On Her Leg

Popular youtube channel Wonderbot, reported on this terrible story about a mother called Nicole and her four-year-old daughter Kaya. They went to McDonald’s for lunch one afternoon. McDonald’s, like many other kids her age, is her favorite restaurant and a pleasure she constantly looks forward to. McDonald’s is like heaven, with its happy meals, toys, ball pits, and slides.

That day, they went to McDonald’s, ordered their lunch, ate it, and everything was good. She then asked her mother if she could go to the restroom on her own to prove that she was no longer a baby. Her mother said yes, believing everything would be OK because she would wait just outside and seemed like everything would be fine right?

Her mother spotted two teen females smiling as they leave the restroom seconds before the young girl walked in. It wasn’t a huge thing; it was just some kids being kids, and she didn’t pay any attention to those teen females.

Read On below to watch the video of what ultimately happened to this poor girl.

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