We all thought there would be flying cars and teleportation by now, right? One thing Japan has dreamed up from the future – is a hotel staffed entirely by robots. […]

This week, President Obama is expected to announce the assigning of approximately 3,000 military personnel to help fight Ebola in West Africa – a disease that, if untreated, can wipe […]

Have you been suffering from acid reflux? Acid reflux can happen anytime of the day or night, making it miserable for the person to make it through the day without […]

Sometimes, a simple gesture can go a long way and it definitely did for this single dad. On Valentine’s day, the single dad went out on a date with none […]

In many countries breastfeeding a way of life. In some places like the US, mothers have the choice between feeding from the breast and formula from a bottle. Many mother’s […]

OK….let me start this off by asking a simple question. If you have no kids…and you are out at a store or restaurant and you see a baby (2-year old) […]

Up until now, you have had a sweet smiling bundle of joy. Then overnight things change. It seems like that gentle exterior crumbled and now you are dealing with a […]

When parents are polite, kind and honest, they develop a path for their children to follow — parents who follow simple rules of etiquette naturally end up with well-mannered children… 

If you really have the patience, a heart and a box of tissues, you’ll see why this is heart-breaking. 

Ebola outbreak in West Africa has become a major concern according to the World Health Organization (WHO),after scores of people died due to the Ebola virus. It is believed that […]

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